On February 24th Putin began a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.
Now more than ever the country and its citizens need your support.

What can I do?

  • Spread reliable information in your active social channels.

  • Speak up! Let the people around you know what is happening in Ukraine.

  • Reach out to any Ukrainians you know, ask how you can help.

  • Join demonstrations in your area against Putin's aggression, let your government know that you care.

! ! ! DONATE ! ! !

Consider donating to the following organisations working to help Ukrainians fight for their home and survive the war.

Join Protests

It's crucial to demand decisive actions from the governments of the world. We don't want their 'deeply concerned' and 'gravely worried', we need their help.

Find a Protest

Nothing around?

Find the nearest Russian embassy, NATO office, town hall, Ministry of Defence office, or any other busy place. Gather your friends, get some blue and yellow and use your voice! Make the government hear you, lives are depending on it.
We try keep the schedule up to date, please contact us if you know of any changes or other demonstrations.

Some Context

Learning more about what Ukrainians have had to go through for generations will help you understand the context of this war. Here are some resources about Ukrainian history, culture and politics.

Ukrainian News in English

Misinformation is one of the weapons being used against Ukraine, so trustworthy sources are critical now. If you are looking for direct Ukrainian sources with detailed updates here are some useful pages:

Please share this page with your friends and family, Ukrainian people need your support.


#BanRussiaFromSwift #CloseTheSky #SendNatoToUkraine


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